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Client: Utah’s Hogle Zoo

Cost: $16 Million

Features: Multi-Campus flex and interactive habitat mixing giraffes, zebras, impala, ostrich, and other small animals to interact as they would in the african wild. Adjacent to flex habitat are African Lions, who appear to interact with all other animals offering a unique viewing experience.

From up close and personal with the lions, to feeding the giraffes, it offers visitors and animals a memorable experience.



“We have greatly valued our relationship over the past many years and your keen engineering knowledge, especially as we encounter uncommon engineering challenges.” -Utah’s Hogle Zoo


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Client: Tracy Aviary

Features: Tracy Aviary in Salt Lake City, Utah continues to undergo a unique transformation.  Through the recent years it has expanded with new exhibits, as well as renovated existing spaces.

Exhibits & Projects: A few of the projects we have contributed to are as follows:

South American Pavilion, King of the Andes Condor Exhibit, Hawks/Turkey Vulture Exhibit, Kennecott Wetlands Enclosure & Boardwalk, Bird Show Theater/Interactive Experience, Bird Holding/Support Buildings.



“Throughout all phases of the work, Structural Design Studio is a team player.  Whether in the design phase or the construction phase, they see the big picture and contribute to the overall success of the project.    We respect their expertise and even call them from time to time to discuss structural related questions on other projects.” -SIRQ Construction Co., Inc.


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At Structural Design Studio, our focus is to create structures that enhance, not detract nor get in the way of the overall experience.  If you have only worked with local consultants and not yet worked with a structural engineering firm who focuses on zoological and exhibit based design….it’s time.

Proud Member of the AZA:



“We have received excellent service from Structural Design Studio.  Their engineers see design in ways that other engineers just don’t.  They seem to always be one step ahead in ideas, service and help on projects.”  -FFKR Architects


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We have worked with many fantastic, quality organizations through the years, below are just a few:

  • Utah’s Hogle Zoo, Utah
  • John Ball Zoo, Michigan
  • Cape May Zoo, New Jersey
  • Tracy Aviary, Utah
  • Cleveland Metroparks, Ohio
  • Jacks Urban Meeting Place, ID
  • San Francisco Zoo, California
  • National Park Service, USA
  • Cheyenne Mountain Zoo, Colorado


We have designed exhibits and support structures for many animal types, including:

Lions, Tigers, Polar Bears, Elephants, Snow Leopards, Giraffe, Zebra, Grizzly Bears, Sea Lions, Eagles, Harbor Seals, Hippos, Andean Condors, Otters, Impala, Lemur, Ostrich, Hawks, Vultures. . . and many more.

If you are ready for a structural engineering firm who has the understanding and expertise in zoologically based exhibit design, please contact us.

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